Saoirse: Celtic Eclectic

Saoirse (Seer-shih), in Gaelic, means 'Freedom'.


Saoirse, Albuquerque's finest 'Celtic-Eclectic' band, plays progressive Celtic World music. Complimentary vocals, along with a richly layered mix of flutes, fiddles, uilleann pipes, guitars, banjos, mandolins and Bodhrans, make Saoirse an enjoyable listening experience, and a great introduction the power and beauty of the Celtic musical tradition. Don't miss this Southwest favorite!

CD: Celtic Eclectic

Track 2: The Devil and the Farmers Wife
Track 4: Farewell to Tarwaithe
Track 6: The Compledgegationist

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Current Lineup

Claire Brown, John Brinduse, Lisa Nichols, Harlow Pinson, Tessa Frias, and Glenn Maxwell.